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The purpose of affiliation is to enable organisations (the ‘affiliate’), with a similar role to PTI, but on a national basis, to be established in countries, or states of countries, to provide a supporting and governing infrastructure for the practice of therapeutic play, filial play and play therapy to standards approved by PTI.

Each affiliate will be an independent, not for profit, organisation, structured to meet the corporate governance needs of the country in which it operates. Normally there will be some form of shareholding and normally PTI will take a minority stake in return for initial financial support. Members of the affiliate will pay membership fees, as decided by the management of the affiliate, to finance the running of the organisation. PTI may, at its discretion, subsidise the operations of the affiliate, until it becomes self sufficient.

PTI will also supply specified membership services such as ‘Play for Life’ journals, web site etc on an agreed basis.

Each affiliate will typically:
  • Promote the use of play therapy, therapeutic play and filial play within their country/state
  • Actively seek fee paying members and administer their membership
  • Maintain a publicly accessible register of members graded according to PTI criteria
  • Administer an ethical framework and professional conduct procedure in accordance with PTI principles, adapted to local needs
  • Administer clinical governance procedures in accordance with PTI principles, adapted to local needs
  • Assist training providers to set up training programmes using PTI standards of competencies and evaluation adapted to local needs
  • Grow in sufficient numbers, experience and resources to eventually administer a local Certification and Accreditation programme for practitioners. (PTI will manage the Certification and Accreditation programme on behalf of the affiliate until this is achieved)
  • Encourage quantitative research using clinical governance data, supplying annonimised data to PTI’s SEPACTO international database of play therapy clinical outcomes
  • Appoint a Board Member responsible for liaison with PTI. (This will normally be the Chief Executive)

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