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Our Purpose

The Society exists to further the good practice of therapeutic work with children. This includes improving children's emotional literacy as well as alleviating behaviour and mental health problems. We believe that the use of various forms of recognised therapies to help children fulfil their potential and overcome emotional and behavioural problems has reached a critical point. The efficacy has been proven in a number of cultures. It is now time to make therapeutic play services available in all countries to benefit all the children of the world.

This cannot happen overnight. It is necessary for evolution to happen and resources to be used carefully. PTI sets out to lead the way in a systematic and innovative way.

A prime need is to combine, co-ordinate and integrate the valuable skills that all therapists possess for the benefit of all children in need.

Since therapeutic work with children draws its strength from a multi-disciplinary approach, it is vital to be completely open in considering and accepting many different approaches for working with the children of the world. Play therapy is a comparatively recent discipline in the Western World. Because of its relative newness it is important that its evolution is encouraged, that new ideas and methods are considered, tried and evaluated. PTI does not believe that an American or British model can be directly implanted into another country. Adaptation is required

PTI is a forum for working together with a respect for each other's cultures and roles.

Our Mission

To be the leading professional organisation, in the world, dedicated to promoting the use of play and creative arts therapies (the therapies) as ways of enabling children to reach their full potential by alleviating emotional, behaviour and mental health problems.

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